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Spalding Kobe 94 Series Silver

Spalding Honors Kobe Bryant With the Mamba-Inspired 94 Series Silver

Embossed with Kobe’s signature, this special edition basketball speaks to his evolution from on-court phenom to life-changing philanthropist.

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$ 125

Mamba’s legacy lives on in this limited edition basketball, which not only honors his achievements, but also his inspiring commitment to personal growth. Kobe Bryant made an indelible impact on the sport of basketball and on the world at large. Now, Spalding pays homage to an icon of our times with its limited-edition Kobe 94 Series Silver basketball. Embossed with Kobe’s signature, this well-designed collector’s item truly speaks to his evolution from on-court phenom to girl dad and life-changing philanthropist.

Fans of the revered record-breaking athlete know that he nicknamed himself Mamba as an expression of his willingness to persist, persevere, and change. It’s only fitting that this unique basketball features a distinctive grey and silver snakeskin composite cover. That aesthetic signifies the Black Mamba’s desire to shed his skin and embrace transformation — on the court and off.