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Sony Unveils PlayStation 5’s DualSense Edge Controller

Sony says play has no limits; apparently, neither does customization.

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When it comes to gaming, most of the excitement revolves around the platforms themselves: better graphics, increased storage, and streamlined microtransactions. Meanwhile, except for Microsoft ditching the Duke and Sony releasing the first Dualshock, first-party controllers haven’t really made any leaps forward in the last couple of decades. Although, we’re not counting Nintendo, who redesigns their controller each time they release a system, or PC gaming, where control has basically been perfected since the late 90s (we see you, WASD brethren).

Enter the Sony DualSense Edge Wireless Controller — which, at first glance, doesn’t look too different from the standard PS5 Dualsense. However, gamers looking for a tailored experience will find ample customization options here, starting with the swappable control stick modules, caps, and back buttons that aim to help optimize user comfort.

After attaining thumb nirvana, remap or deactivate specific buttons, then adjust trigger and control stick dead zones to create a custom profile for any game: no more embarrassing miscues when swapping between God of War and Fortnite. A dedicated function button makes it easy to change profiles on the fly or control other aspects of the gaming experience, although Sony has yet to solve for clueless roommates and partners who wander in front of the TV. Each controller comes with a braided USB-C charging cable plus a carrying case to protect your carefully-tuned investment from Cheeto-fingered philistines. In the coming months, we should have more details about the DualSense Edge Wireless Controller, including launch timing.

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