Razer Blackwidow Lite Keyboard

Ready to go from the gamer’s basement to the executive’s office, with this completely silent mechanical keyboard.

If you’re a video game lover, you probably already know Razer as the company that makes gaming products and software, including some incredibly fast and precise keyboards with vibrantly lighted keys. Well, the company is ready to go from the gamer’s basement to the executive’s office with the new Razer Blackwidow Lite Keyboard.

We may not like the noise and effort that goes hand-in-hand with mechanical keyboards, but we love the sensation that we receive when each key is firmly pressed. In short, if you can appreciate the way a fine luxury automobile drives, you’ll probably like the way this keyboard handles as well.

The most compact mechanical keyboard that Razer has ever made, the Blackwidow Lite is completely silent and easy to use, but it gives the tactile feedback that will keep you typing happily throughout the day.