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Raw Studio Chess Set

Raw Studio Chess Set

See why this beautiful leather chess set by Raw Studio is our favorite.

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Chess is a game of intelligence and logic, that has been enjoyed for centuries. So far, chess sets have been bulky boards that are sometimes even furniture-like. We’ve seen plastic boards that can fold in half for the sake of portability, but what they gain in portability, it loses in charm that is associated with the game.

Designed for maximum portability as well as style, the Chess Set by Raw Studio has quickly become our favorite chess set. The beautiful suede leather board rolls away into the hand-polished stainless steel interlocking pieces that can be packed away into any bag or luggage. The minimalist design of the pieces juxtaposed against the organic tactile contrast of the suede and skin side of the leather board creates a uniquely stunning set that should age well with frequent use and time.