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Naef Bauhaus Chessmen

Naef Bauhaus Chessmen

Add timeless Bauhaus design your chessboard with the Naef Bauhaus Chessmen.

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Despite not knowing the exact meaning of the word, you’ve probably heard of Bauhaus. One of the most influential currents in modern design, architecture, and art, the Bauhaus school of design is marked by the absence of ornamentation and the harmony between the function of an object and its design.

There’s no need for a lesson in design history to appreciate that the principle puts function before design. The same school of thought has been applied to the design of the Bauhaus Chessmen by Naef. Designed in 1923, the design of the pieces are based on the function and maneuver of each piece, making the game much easier for novice players to understand. Not only are these functional pieces easer to understand, the are also easy on the eyes as well, making it a perfect addition to homes of any modern design enthusiasts.