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A magnificently nostalgic wireless keyboard.

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In old black and white films, we often see a character working hard on his typewriter. It might be a private detective with a burning cigarette on his lips, typing away at something important with only a melodic ‘ding’ and a mechanical noise of the carriage return lever breaking the silence. It’s a lifestyle that is distant from our constantly connected life filled with smartphones, tablets, and even smart jump ropes these days, but the image conjures up a sense of nostalgia that we’re sure that many can share.

The Qwerkywriter wireless keyboard is perfect for those that want to capture that sense of nostalgia, but still want to retain the convenience and connectivity of a modern day device. Housed in an aluminum construction, the keyboard can connect to pretty much any device via bluetooth and can last up to three months with a single charge. Writing with typewriters used to be a magnificently tactile experience, each key making a mechanical sound that some would liken to loading a gun, while it provided that amazing feedback at the tip of your finger. The real star of this keyboard is also the tactile “Clicky” mechanical switch that will not only recreate the amazing sensation of an old-school typewriter but also looks beautiful.

Keep in mind, this may not be the keyboard for those that are into PC gaming, as we can only imagine how awkward it would be, but for those that spend hours typing away at their computers or tablets, the Qwekywriter will feel right at home on your desk.