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Microsoft Surface Go 2

Microsoft Introduces The Perfectly Portable Surface Go 2

The tablet weighs just 1.2 pounds yet it’s 64% faster than the previous generation of the Microsoft Surface Go.

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$ 400+

With so many different tablet options out there, it’s understandable to think that we’ve quickly hit a point of diminishing returns. They all offer just about the same thing, meaning that one model isn’t really all that different from the next. All you need to do is just pick one and go, right? It’s understandable for you to think that… but you’d also be very, very wrong.

Truly, the Microsoft Surface Go 2 gives you unrestricted access to everything you need to be productive while on-the-go. Not only do you have a massive 10.5″ touch screen to play with, but you also get to enjoy no less than 10 hours on a single battery charge. The tablet itself weighs just 1.2 pounds yet it is 64% faster than the previous generation Microsoft Surface Go, making it the perfect option for both your personal and professional needs in the best possible way.