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PowerEgg Drone

This drone offers the perfect alliance between form and function.

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Although form should follow function, most products today need to stand out from the crowd with a pleasing design to carve out a market for itself. While most drones are designed for streamlined performance in the air, the PowerEgg has been designed to be as svelte in the sky as it is on the ground.

The egg-shaped personal camera drone has a clean design that transforms in a matter of seconds by deploying its propellers. The PowerEgg has a 360-degree panoramic camera that’s on a 3-axis gimbal for a stabilized photo and video. It’s controlled by it’s proprietary Maestro gesture based controller, which interprets the movements of your arms in real time, giving you the ability to conduct the drone’s movement in the sky. With a shooting range of up to three miles and the ability to function at heights of up to 13,000 ft above sea level, you won’t have to worry about abruptly losing your drone when it goes out of range. There’s also an autonomous flight mode when coupled with the iOS or Android flight app, so you can record your adventures while riding your bike or wake boarding on the lake.