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PORTER x BYBORRE 85th Anniversary Project

The PORTER x BYBORRE 85th Anniversary Project To Release A Six Bag Collection

All six bags in the collection are constructed with a surprisingly soft, yet durable textile, specifically engineered to be exposed to the wear and stresses encountered with daily use.

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Japan-based PORTER is celebrating its 85th year with a special bag collaboration project with Dutch textile studio, BYBORRE. The PORTER x BYBORRE 85th Anniversary Project pays tribute to the 1962 release of the Yoshida Bag made by Yoshida & Co., the parent company of PORTER. This collaboration merges BYBORRE’s engineering and PORTER’s original nylon bonding fabric to create a new line of sustainably knitted bags. The bags also contain BYBORRE’s acclaimed textile fabric, made of 100% recycled polyester yarn. This collaboration collection offers six iconic PORTER bag styles, including the Backpack, 2Way Helmet Bag, 2Way Shoulder Bag, Waist Bag, Vertical Shoulder Bag, and Effects Bag.

PORTER has commemorated its 85th anniversary with a special dark navy and deep neon orange colorway, along with the PORTER branding visibly emphasized in bold, large letters on the front. Each bag features the signature PORTER tag on the navy silhouette, as well as both brands’ names stitched in orange, paying further homage to the partnership. The PORTER tags and bag interiors are also exclusively designed with original BYBORRE material. All six bags will be available starting January 15th.

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