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Pinel et Pinel x BIC Cristal 70th Anniversary Collaboration

Pinel et Pinel And BIC Partner To Unveil The Leather-Clad Cristal

Handmade in Paris, the BIC Cristal is available in 6 colorways of bull leather.

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$ 82.00

With the sale of over 100 billion BIC Cristals since the brand’s 1950 inception into the industry, it is obvious the pen has moved from mere popularity to an icon status — an icon worthy of celebrating! In fact, the pen is the best-selling pen worldwide. What could be more noteworthy than that? As a way to commemorate its 70th anniversary and overall success, BIC has collaborated with fellow France-based Pinel et Pinel to add a bit of luxury to this salt-of-the-earth pen. The Pinel et Pinel x BIC Cristal 70th Anniversary Collaboration upgrades the traditional BIC look and adds some metal with either gold plating or finished nickel, along with a handmade leather sheath from the Pinel et Pinel Parisian workshop.

While the BIC Cristal has more than stood the test of time and has remained a standard issue for workplaces worldwide, it has never enjoyed the savoir-faire provided by the expert craftsmen of Pinel et Pinel before this partnership. This unique collaboration represents a synergy between function and form, pairing style — like the aforementioned leather sheathing from the Pinel et Pinel craftsman — with the practical function of the classic BIC Cristal. The pen case contains a sheathed pen with black ink, with another refill included in blue ink. Suffice it to say, the Pinel et Pinel x BIC Cristal 70th Anniversary Collaboration pen successfully provides an interesting take on a classic favorite.

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