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Pagani Utopia

New Pagani Utopia Hypercar Keeps It Real With A V12 And Gated Manual Shifter

Utopia lives up to its name by offering 852-HP with a manual transmission.

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$ 2,500,000+

Pagani has always stood out within the Italian supercar market with its maverick sense of flare. So, when it debuts a new model, the world pauses to take note and look at its latest masterpiece, the Pagani Utopia. This new hypercar replaces the Pagani Huayra and introduces new ideas with traditional, enthusiast-pleasing details.

Starting with the car’s construction, the Pagani uses a mixed composite of carbon fiber and titanium dubbed Carbo-Titanium. The high-strength metal keeps the weight light by adding a chrome alloy subframe and carbon fiber bodywork. As a result, the Pagani Utopia has a dry weight of 2,822 pounds.

The car’s lightweight body is paired well with a heavyweight punch from an AMG-developed twin-turbocharged 6.0-liter V12 engine producing 852-hp and 811 lb.-ft of torque. All power is sent to the rear wheels via a seven-speed manual gearbox. Pagani’s focus for the Utopia was to create a car that emphasized lightness, simple elegance, and the pleasure of driving.  The Pagani Utopia’s exterior styling keeps within the brand’s design language. Since its debut, the internet has mixed opinions about its styling. Still, regardless of whether you think the Utopia is gorgeous or gaudy, the car is impossible to ignore, which is part of the appeal of hypercars.

As for the interior, Pagani spared no expense in detail. A single block of aluminum is used to mill the car’s steering wheel, pedals, and gated manual shifter. More importantly, Pagani decided not to follow the current trend of oversized touch screens. Instead, the only screen in the Pagani Utopia sits between the mechanical speedometer and the rev counter. Everything else in the luxurious interior is analog. The production rate for the Pagani Utopia is one per week at its factory in San Cesario Sul Panaro in Modena, Italy. Unfortunately, only 99 examples are available, all of which have been assigned to buyers.

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Pagani Utopia

Pagani Utopia

$ 2,500,000+
  • Engine: Twin-turbo 6.0-liter V12
  • Transmission: 7-speed manual
  • Max Power: 852-hp
  • Max Torque: 811 lb.-ft