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Oak & Eden Round x Jamestown Revival Prairie Rye Whiskey

A Rye At The Intersection Between Great Music & Smooth Whiskey

A spiral cut piece of French Oak included in each bottle of Oak & Eden x Jamestown Revival Round Prairie Rye Whiskey adds a depth of flavor.

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$ 80

Think music and liquor collabs are reserved for the likes of vodka alone? Oak & Eden x Jamestown Revival Round Prairie Rye Whiskey proves that even adult beverages destined for slow-sipping can mix well with a bit of star power. Inspired by American rock duo Jamestown Revival’s single Round Prairie Road, the whiskey begins in charred barrels of American oak and finishes aging right in the bottle.

In lieu of the usual secondary aging barrel, Oak & Eden places a 5-inch long spiral spire of French Oak in the bottle itself, mellowing and silkening the flavor into something worth toasting to. The porous spire is gently fire-roasted to bring out its botanical elements, ultimately lending them to the finished product. That unique bottling technique gives the 57.5 ABV whiskey a smooth taste, rich with the flavors of vanilla, candied fruit, and dry spices. The incredible depth of flavor of the finished whiskey, along with the added visual element from the French Oak, offers whiskey aficionados a bottle that’s easy to savor.