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Oak & Eden Lets You Build Your Own Customized Bourbon Or Rye

This online tool lets you create bespoke bottles to your exacting standards.

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Life just feels better with whiskey in your hand, on the rocks, or neat. The latest frontier in high-end whiskey is custom-blended bottles. When you combine this with a high-end marketing campaign and great reviews, you get Oak & Eden’s signature custom blending process, featuring a beautiful oak “spire” for their patented bottle-finishing process.

Known since 2018 for its excellent flavored whiskey blends, Oak & Eden has just added something new to its lineup for 2023: the brand-new “bottle builder” tool. Using the tool, whiskey drinkers can craft their custom bottles using any of four spirits; bourbon, four-grain bourbon, rye, or wheated bourbon. They can choose their spirit at 90 proof or 114 proof, with a finishing spire of American or French oak, infused with one of 11 possible infusions including rum, port wine, or four flavors of liqueur.

The infusions are what sets Oak & Eden’s process apart from any other online blending service. While competitors focus on blending multiple whiskeys, Oak & Eden’s focus on their infused oak wood “spire” process lets the drinker focus on that singular combination.

Critical praise was a little halting at first, but as Oak & Eden has gained confidence in their process, the product has also improved, and you’ll be impressed when your personalized bottle of whiskey arrives at your door. With a six-week delay for finishing, the first custom bottles should arrive just in time for April Fool’s Day drinks.

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