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Starward Vitalis Single Malt Whisky

Starward Celebrates Its 15th Birthday With The Release Of Vitalis Single Malt Whisky

Regarded as a food-friendly and approachable whisky.

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Introducing Starward’s Vitalis 15th Birthday Release Single Malt Whisky—a limited edition whisky commemorating Starward’s 15th anniversary. The whisky’s hand-selected parcels represent the company’s brand story. From the red wine barrel influence and tawny bourbon first and second fills, to rum barrels—each is included based on its connection to Vitalis’s 15-year journey. The company says it lets the spirits mature for 4-10 years before assembling them to create a one-of-a-kind whisky. The Starward Vitalis 15th Birthday Release boasts an extensive and dense palate of rich dried tropical fruits, cedar, chocolate-coated pineapples, red currant, and lightly roasted coffee beans. It features a lengthy and oily finish with a delicate balance of oak and fruit.

Dave Vitale, Starward’s founder, recommends serving Vitalis neat. He says it pairs well with comfort food, such as homemade lasagna. It’s equally a delicious match for a dessert such as a tiramisu because of the aromatic notes of coffee beans which marry perfectly with the dessert’s chocolatey coffee notes. The Vitalis 15th Birthday Release represents both the company’s history and Vitale’s search for new horizons in creating an accessible modern whisky. Starward is the winner of The Most Awarded Distillery of the Year at the San Francisco World Spirits Competition 2022. The company is proud to bring a new, tasty spin on a traditional spirit, using fully mature red-wine barrels sourced from local wineries in Melbourne, Australia. The whisky is available online at Starward for $150.

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