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Rimowa Watch Case

RIMOWA Introduces Its Black Watch Case

Featuring the same rugged, stamped, grooved anodized aluminum, but in black, that the brand is known for.

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$ 2,470

German luxury suitcase and travel case manufacturer RIMOWA has an elegant and minimalist way to carry and display your watches. The new RIMOWA Specialty Watch Case now comes in black and features an engineered grooved aluminum exterior shell and microfiber interior.

Founded in 1898 in Cologne, Germany, the RIMOWA brand has continued to evolve. Still, it has always retained its signature aluminum creations focusing on functional designs, portability, and quality testing, and the new watch case is no different. The case was designed to fit easily within a suitcase or travel bag. The anodized Aluminum exterior comes in two varieties: natural silver or black coating. With a weight of close to 1.3 kg, the case is a little heavy, denoting its solid design and excellent protective framework.

The watch case’s interior cylindrical design slides open to reveal three watch spots, covered by additional cushioning to ensure the protection of the timepieces and watch faces. Plus, the case is just stunning, offsetting the best three timepieces from your horological collection. With a limited run of these cases, RIMOWA limits purchases to one case per customer. They are priced at $2,470 and are available from Rimowa.com and qualify for free shipping, with a 30-day return policy and a 2-year guaranteed warranty.

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