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Charles Simon Eaton 1 - Watch case

Charles Simon Reveals The Eaton 1 Watch Case

The interior of the case features a soft Italian-made Alcantara cushion.

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$ 940

Whether you’re a casual watch collector or a dedicated horologist, a watch case is a great accessory to protect and showcase your prized timepiece. The Eaton 1 watch case from Charles Simon sits on the luxury end of the spectrum, constructed from the very best materials and featuring neat, clean lines to help your watch stand out.

This hand-made watch case encases the timepiece in a French young bull leather lining and high-quality anodized aluminum to keep it safe and secure. The interior features a soft Italian-made Alcantara cushion, delivering an unparalleled combination of beautiful aesthetics and outstanding performance. This cushion is available in three different sizes to accommodate a variety of watches, including standard cushions measuring 16.5 – 18cm, small cushions at 14.5 – 16.5cm, and large cushions to suit watches at 18-19cm.

The Charles Simon Eaton 1 watch case is characteristic of the brand’s dedication to creating accessory designs that maximize their avant-garde expertise. It’s a more pared-back and refined addition to their range of watch cases, which includes the unique Hudson 3 watch stand and the premium Mackenzie 12 Original watch briefcase. Luxury watch owners looking to invest in a watch case for their prized timepieces will find the Charles Simon Eaton 1 an opulent addition to their collection.

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