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Zodiac Super Sea Wolf Compression Watches

Meet the Gulf And Seafoam – Zodiac’s Super Sea Wolf Compression Watches

Embrace the spirit of summer with these colorful timepieces.

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Zodiac, known for its bold and vibrant timepieces, is expanding its Super Sea Wolf Compression collection with two new core colorways: the ZO9304 “Gulf” and ZO9305 “Seafoam.” These additions provide even more options for watch enthusiasts seeking a splash of color in their lives.

While traditional divers often sport somber tones, Zodiac dares to embrace the opposite end of the spectrum with its chromatic creations. Previously, the brand focused on injecting color into its GMT model, but now it’s the Super Sea Wolf diver’s turn to shine. Last year, the eye-catching Aquamarine Dream version garnered attention, and now Zodiac has introduced two more captivating options.

The ZO9304 dubbed the “Gulf,” pays homage to the classic light blue, orange, and silver color scheme of the vintage Zodiac Sea Wolf 1781W. With its modern 40mm case, this timepiece captures the essence of the vintage model while offering a contemporary and reliable take on a beloved classic.

The ZO9305, aptly called “Seafoam,” combines the nostalgic seafoam green shade with black, white, and a touch of orange. This summer-inspired color palette is reminiscent of the late ’50s, which saw the popularity of seafoam green in various domains, from musical instruments to automobiles. Paired with the matching Tropic-style rubber strap, this watch exudes a refreshing summer vibe.

Both models boast a 40mm × 13.4mm steel case with a water resistance rating of 200m, ensuring durability for water-based activities. They house the reliable STP 1-11 movement and feature a screw-down crown and case back. The “Gulf” model comes with a five-row stainless steel bracelet, while the “Seafoam” model offers the color-matched Tropic-style rubber strap with a pin buckle.

If you’re in search of the perfect timepiece for summer, look no further than the Zodiac Super Sea Wolf Compression watches. Starting at $1,295, the watches are available on Zodiac’s website.

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Zodiac Super Sea Wolf Compression Watches

Zodiac Super Sea Wolf Compression Watches

$ 1,295+
  • Case Material: 316 Stainless Steel
  • Case Diameterr: 40mm
  • Movement: STP 1-11
  • Water Resistance: 20 ATM