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Nostalgia Electrics 8-Bottle Wine Refrigerator

Compact wine fridge that can hold up to 8 bottles, perfect for small spaces.

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For wine lovers living in densely populated cities with rents as high as most monthly income, having a dedicated wine cellar or even a wine fridge is out of the question. With some studio apartments in New York City commanding upwards of $4,000 USD, space is at a premium to store wine, let alone even a place for your bed.

However a lack of space shouldn’t mean that you should give up on your precious wine collection, no matter how modest it may be. The ultra-compact Nostalgia Electrics 8-Bottle Wine Refrigerator doesn’t take up more space than a microwave oven, but can store and chill up to eight bottles of your precious collection, making it perfect for small spaces. The sleek design is discreet enough to blend into any small space without demanding too much attention to itself. The wine fridge is also designed for low noise and vibration, making it perfect for your cramped studio where you’re probably going to be sleeping next to the kitchen.