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Nordic Pocket Saw

A packable saw that you should never be without when heading outdoors.

There are a lot of things that you need to carry when heading outdoors. One item we always seem to leave out is a dependable saw, despite running into quite a bit of situations where having one would make our lives so much easier. The reason is simple; it’s usually too large and cumbersome to fit nicely into our pack and we’re not to comfortable of the inherent danger of having something that can potentially hack off a major limb.

Seems like we no longer have a reason to be saw-less when heading outdoors, as the Nordic Pocket Saw offers the perfect balance of packability and raw power to handle any situation. Made from heat-treated carbon steel, it has a double cutter teeth on every major link, giving you the power and convenience to effectively cut in both directions. The heavy duty nylon grip ensures a safe and comfortable grip at all times. Just don’t forget to wear gloves when going at it to protect your hands from any accidental mishaps.