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Morus Zero

Morus Zero Reinvents The Clothes Dryer

An ultra-fast, countertop clothes dryer.

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$ 600

The Morus Zero countertop dryer is the first of its kind to blend modern technology with a sleek design, creating an aesthetically pleasing yet functional home dryer. With intelligent features, lightning-fast drying speed, and an integrated UV sterilizer, users can rest assured clothing is clean, fresh, and dry in just minutes. The drying technology used in this pint-sized dryer sets the Morus Zero apart from other similarly styled dryers. Using Vacuum Drying Technology, the dryer can combine fast 43.5 MPH airflow with low air pressure inside the tumble. The combination of technologies allows the system to run at lower temperatures, making the water evaporate quickly. The result is a dryer that works 60% faster when drying clothing.

The Morus Zero also has a built-in UV sterilization system that works to keep clothing clean and germ-free. A self-optimizing AI system allows the Morus Zero to run efficiently, resulting in cozy, clean, and dry clothing. The dryer is small and designed for countertop use. There are limited installation steps, and the dryer can be used in just about any setting. Perfect for an RV, boat, or small apartment, the Morus Zero dryer only needs an electric outlet, making this a truly plug-and-play system.

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