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Misfit Ray

Satisfying the tech savvy as well as the style conscious with this new fitness and sleep monitor.

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Wearable tech offers a lot of convenience for those that wish to get instant notifications, track their activity, and a whole lot more. It’s a new segment that is still finding its stride, but many style conscious men may find themselves turned off by the techy design of wearables on the market today.

The new Misfit Ray looks to change our perception of wearable techs and bridge the gap between style and tech. It’s biggest strength might be that it legitimately looks good, with a sleek and jewelry-like design. It finally becomes an alternative to those that wanted their tech to blend in with their sense of style. It’s not just style with no substance as the Ray does everything most fitness trackers can do and more, tracking your steps, calories burned, activity, sleep, and even alerting you about incoming texts and phone calls. Available in spring of 2016, we’ll have to see how the Ray gets embraced by both the tech savvy as well as the style conscious.