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Mini Bowling Set

Mini Retro Bowling Set

For some old school fun and challenge, this Mini Retro Bowling Set should be right up your alley.

We work on the computer, play and socialize on our smartphones, and come home to a TV that needs binge watching. It’s as if our whole life is dominated by looking at one screen or another, with most of our movements diminished to a flick or a tab of the finger. It’s time for a healthier hobby, and what better way to spend your spare time than by bowling.

Obviously, going to the bowling alley can be cumbersome, with costs adding up quickly if you’re an avoid bowler, but there’s a way to enjoy bowling in a much more manageable scale at your home, with the Mini Retro Bowling Set. You won’t get to enjoy the thunderous rumble of being in a bowling alley, but the miniature set hand crafted from Indian rosewood offers as much fun and challenge. So if you’re in need of some away time from electronic devices and want to have some old school fun, the Mini Retro Bowling Set should be right up your alley.