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KJUS BT 2.0 Glove

Gloves That Let You Make Calls While Out On The Slopes

The gloves use 4-way stretch fabric, intelligent insulation, fortified foam knuckles, and everything else you expect to outlast the cold.

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$ 399

Fumbling through your pockets to get your phone out on the slopes is a disaster waiting to happen. Between taking off your gloves and undoing layer after layer to retrieve your phone, it would be a miracle if you didn’t drop either of them. Even if you snag your phone unscathed, time is against you even answering a call in time. The KJUS BT 2.0 Glove provides a simple solution to this pretty standard situation out on the slopes by integrating an OLED display and waterproof speaker/microphone. This way, you can easily take a call without having to undo your gloves.

Being equipped with that Bluetooth powered tech is a great feature but this pair of gloves is supplemented by those features, not built on them. At their core, the gloves are made out of abrasion-resistant leather that is soft and flexible to provide the range of motion you need whether it’s to hold onto your ski poles or fasten your boots into your snowboard’s bindings. Intelligent insulation lets you get warm quickly and stay warm for the long haul. Molded visco-elastic foam knuckles provide extra protection to the 4-way stretch fabric. On top of it all, Touch Skin Technology lines the fingertips of each glove so you can use your phone if need be without removing the gloves.