Roam ELEVATE Robotic Ski Exoskeleton

This wearable exoskeleton for skiing takes weight off your joints and gives you more control.

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Every skier wishes they could tweak their muscles and joints just enough to improve their speed and strength without getting tired. Well, in another sure sign that the future has arrived, the Roam ELEVATE Robotic Ski Exoskeleton is designed to do just that. This wearable gear melds athlete and machine with a brace-like exoskeleton for each leg and a backpack that connects to both, sparing your joints while giving you even more control over your performance.

The ELEVATE does this by sensing what your body is doing as you move downhill. Using sensor feedback, sophisticated software, and synchronized air actuators, these “shock absorbers for your legs” take weight off your joints and adjust torque for you, making it possible to enjoy longer runs and stronger turns. A shoulder-mounted controller even lets you control the ELEVATE as you ski.