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Matt Fajkus Architecture

Main Stay House by Matt Fajkus Architecture

An open concept family home in Austin is all about lifestyle flexibility.

If you think about what makes for a comfortable home, it’s really not that complicated. You’d want a carefully considered layout that meets the your needs and reflects your lifestyle. For a family in Texas, those core ideas were thoughtfully translated into their new home, located in Austin’ Bouldin Creek neighborhood. Also based in Austin, Matt Fajkus Architecture designed the open concept family home that enables “lifestyle flexibility” while considering its relationship to the outdoors.

The standout feature of the home is the main living area with sliding glass walls that opens the house to the outdoors facing the pool. Carefully selected materials and color palette maintain a stylishly modern sensibility without feeling stark or cold. The relationship between the interior and the public street has been dealt with by strategically placing walls that also control the harsh sunlight of Central Texas, providing a balance of daylight and shading. Cleverly demonstrating how our homes need not resemble cookie-cutter McMansions, this is truly a house to call a family home.