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LEGO Loop Coaster

LEGO’s New Loop Coaster Is One Of The Brand’s Tallest Sets

This amazing build is part of LEGO’s Fairground Collection.

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$ 400

Did someone say iconic? LEGO is back at it, delivering the kind of glorious goods only true enthusiasts will appreciate at first glance. Give yourself time, though, and you will quickly find out why there is so much fuss surrounding the Loop Coaster. Part of the LEGO Fairground Collection, this downright phenomenal set, comprised of 3,756 pieces, is among the tallest the company has ever produced. Featuring an impressive pair of loops, it relies on separately available motors that bring the elevator up for virtually endless enjoyment.

The inspiration behind this masterpiece is, of course, the exciting rollercoasters that cause throngs of adrenaline junkies to scream as though their lives depend on it. Not to be outdone by those, the LEGO Loop Coaster arrives with a total of 11 minifigures. There’s nothing missing in this collection of characters and details that lend the perfect finishing touch to the build, including a balloon seller, a pretzel seller, a ride operator, a hot dog vendor, a grandma, a young child, and a whopping five riders all set to board the rollercoaster. In short, it offers all of the joy of a real-life fair in miniature form — with the caveat that there is nothing quite miniature about this 36-inch vision of creativity. VIP Early Access on this set starts 7/1.

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