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Tree’s House by Studio Bewell

Tree’s House By Studio Bewell: A Harmonious Blend Of Nature And Architecture

A perfect fusion of modern architecture and the serene beauty of nature.

Nestled on a 4,200-square-foot plot of land, Tree’s House by Studio Bewell in Bangkok, Thailand, is a breathtaking testament to the marriage of nature and architecture. The name itself, “Tree’s House,” reflects the homeowner’s deep passion for greenery and the desire to create a space where trees play an integral role in both the design and construction processes.

This remarkable dwelling seamlessly combines residential and planting spaces, giving rise to a unique building that functions in harmony with the surrounding greenery. Over seven lush tree-filled courtyards dot the landscape, serving as a testament to the owner’s commitment to a life in tune with nature.

During the construction phase, several large principal trees were carefully planted, and they have since matured to envelop the house in their welcoming embrace. Throughout the day, these trees cast intricate patterns of light and shadow, filtering the sunlight through their branches and leaves and infusing the indoor spaces with a natural vibrancy.

The house’s design mirrors the homeowner’s lifestyle, with distinct public and private zones separated by a dark grey brick wall and a central courtyard. A corridor circumnavigates the courtyard, linking the two sides of the house and offering stunning views of the tree-filled oasis from every angle.

With private green spaces for the three bedrooms and the kitchen, each room is bathed in natural light, enhancing the sense of openness and tranquility. Dark grey bricks help manage daylight reflections, and a wooden-pattern trapezoid fabric beneath the skylight accentuates the harmony between the public and living spaces.

Tree’s House by Studio Bewell is not just a testament to the owner’s lifestyle; it’s a celebration of eco-friendliness and the mutually beneficial relationship between humans and trees. The careful selection and nurturing of these trees have breathed life into the architectural perfection of Tree’s House, creating an awe-inspiring abode that beckons nature lovers and design enthusiasts alike.

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