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Land Rover Christmas Cabin

Specifically designed for Santa, Land Rover has created a wilderness cabin that fits inside a Discovery Sport.

With Christmas quickly approaching, manufacturers are busy preparing holiday themed products to sway consumers during this high-spending season. Land Rover has taken a unique approach this holiday season by designing a cozy Christmas Cabin for Santa Clause to use during his long journey across the globe.

The Christmas Cabin has enough space for two adults and can be used in the North Pole, at temperatures as low as -20 degrees Celsius or 4 degrees Fahrenheit. To test out the cabin, Land Rover turned to British mountaineer Kenton Cool, who has successfully climbed Mount Everest 12 times, to thoroughly test out the cabin at the final secret location in the heart of the frozen wilderness. The best feature is that the whole thing fits inside the Land Rover Discovery Sport’s 1,698-liter storage space, with every nook and cranny being utilized. Even the center console is filled with 14 mince pies, shelf with 3 carrots, and glovebox with 39 baubles. It’s the ultimate holiday wilderness cabin for off grid living in remote locations around the world, specifically designed for the hardest working man on Christmas eve.