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Daft Punk Robot Helmet Ornament Set

If you’re tired of traditional christmas tree ornaments, these Daft Punk ornaments should add a bit of electro-funk and soul to your tree.

Christmas is a magical time, a time that brings out the inner child in everyone. A beloved tradition of the holidays season is decorating your christmas tree. With a variety of colorful lights and ornaments to decorate with, it’s the final touch in bringing out the holiday spirit in all of us. But if your tired of traditional ornaments that you’ve seen year in and year out, why not decorate your tree with these limited edition Daft Punk Robot Helmet Ornament Set?

Fabricated using molded resin with electrostatic plated metallic gold visors, it’s a simple design but full of Daft Punk character and swag, so you won’t mistake it for anything else when it’s hanging from your christmas tree. Unfortunately you will have to wait until next year’s holiday season to show off these bad boys, as shippings won’t start until February of 2017, but in the mean time you can hang them in your rear view mirror or anywhere you’d like while you wait.