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Christmas Wine Bag

Christmas Wine Bag by BurlapNBlossoms

Gifting wine this holiday season? Add a special touch to your gift with the Christmas Wine Bag.

The upcoming holiday season means gatherings and parties to attend. Friends and family will gather to celebrate the holidays and the upcoming new year, exchanging gifts and catching up on the year that is finally behind us. It would be rude to attend empty handed, so you plan on picking up a nice bottle of wine that will lubricate the night. Your mother has taught you well, so you know that you need to wrap your gifts, but gift wrapping a bottle of wine seems a bit ridiculous and a wine bag seems too informal.

The simple but fetching Christmas Wine Bag by BurlapNBlossoms is the perfect blend of showing your sincerity without going overboard with the gift wrapping. These rustic burlap wine bags are given a jovial touch with the Christmas themed felt appliqué. Unlike wrapping papers that usually get wrinkled or torn during the unwrapping process, these wine bags can be reused over and over to spread the holiday joy as well.

So if you’re planning on gifting wine this holiday season, add a special touch that will distinguish your gift from others. Your efforts will not go unnoticed.