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LEGO Architecture Skyline

LEGO Architecture Skyline Collection

Enjoy iconic skylines at home with the LEGO Architecture Skyline Collection.

There are many world renowned buildings around the world that are associated with their cities, like New York’s iconic skyline that cannot be mistaken for anywhere else. The collection of unique buildings that make up their unique skyline has captures our hearts since the dawn of skyscrapers. These iconic views demand a premium in certain markets, where apartments in parts of Brooklyn and New Jersey are fetching multi-million dollar premiums just because of the views. However, there’s a new way to enjoy the same skyline in your living room without paying millions of dollars, courtesy of everyone’s favorite interlocking toy bricks.

Unlike previous LEGO Architecture series where individual buildings and landmarks have been recreated in LEGO bricks, their newest Architecture Skyline Collection allows you to recreate famous skylines from Berlin, New York, and Venice. The collection is made of up to five individual buildings that are most ionic of each city, unmistakably capturing the essence of their architectural landscape.

Obviously, these small bricks won’t be able to replace the million dollar views of the cities, but for avid architecture fans, the Architecture Skyline Collection offers the rare opportunity to recreate your favorite city skyline with your own hands.