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Los Taburetes

Los Taburetes Game

A challenging game of balance and strategy.

There’s nothing quite like a good game that will bring people together for some wholesome fun. Although our smartphones are filled with games and other forms of entertainment, more often than not these apps are very personal, isolating the user from interacting outside of their phone’s screen. We see people glued to these devices at the dinner table, where it won’t be too long until someone texts ‘pass the salt, please’ to someone at the table.
Los Taburetes is a game that should bring people together, testing your balancing skills and strategy with hilarious effect. It’s the perfect tool to take people’s hands and eyes off of their phones for a real hands on experience. The idea is to balance these tiny stools until it can grow into a shape that mimics that of a tree growing branches. There’s no right or wrong way to tackle the game, as long as you don’t lose it’s balance. It’s approach is similar to the classic game of Jenga, but inverted since you’re buildings outwards by adding more pieces.

Los Taburetes should guarantee many laughters and shared memories with your friends and family, especially during the upcoming holiday season.