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The Modern Pearl Half Christmas Tree

This holiday season, mount your christmas tree on the wall.

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Christmas can be a painful time for tree lovers as thousands of trees get massacred to be displayed at home for a very short period of time, only to get discarded once the season is over. Setting up a tree at home is no easy task either; you have to get the large tree yourself or have it delivered, mount it, decorate it, and once it’s all over you need to drag the damn thing out to trash. Real trees do offer a unique experience, with the aroma of pine filling your home, but what if you just wanted something that was simple and more modern for your home?

The Modern Pearl Half Christmas Tree, available exclusively through Hammacher Schlemmer, is a Christmas tree that is made of nine half-circles that can be mounted on your wall. It’s a minimal christmas tree to say the least, but offers a unique alternative to having a traditional tree in your house that will ultimately be thrown out come January. The LED spotlight illuminates the tree and the ornaments from the base, creating a majestic glow on the wall.

It’s might not be a tree in the traditional sense, but The Modern Pearl Half Christmas Tree offers a unique way to celebrate christmas.