Laffite X-Road

Laffite Introduces The Limited Edition X-Road

A chromium-molybdenum steel body is ready to handle any terrain whether you’re thrashing through the mud or cresting through the sand.

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$ 465,000+

The Laffite X-Road is a limited-edition vehicle with only 30 units available. This all-terrain off-roader is powered by a GM LS3 V-8 engine. The 6.2-liter V8 turns out a whopping 720 hp along with a five-speed sequential transmission with an option for a six-speed paddle-shift variation. A chromium-molybdenum steel body is rugged and ready to handle thrashing through mud out in the backwoods and cresting through sand in dunes. Its speed tops out at 143 miles per hour.

This two-wheel-drive off-road behemoth looks like it is ready to eat up the hills and spit out gravel as it claws its way to the top of any peak. This stout vehicle will signal its presence with each quick shift. Inside, an exquisite leather interior with high-quality stitching meets clean and modern lines with stainless steel accents and carbon fiber trim. Each vehicle showcases the same luxurious interior.