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Just Don Basketball

Just Don Basketball

For those that have everything, here's a $2,000 basketball.

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A good way to tell the dedication of a basketball player is to look at his basketball. It will most likely be discolored and tattered, proudly showing the marks it has gained from years or practice. The sweat and tears will be so evident, you will be able to taste them by just looking at it.

Forget tattered, or even gently used. With the Just Don Basketball, there’s a good chance that the ball will never even see the light of any indoor court, let alone an outdoor one. The $2,000 basketball is made from genuine python sewn on premium lambskin, making it the most lavish basketball ever. With indoor use only Official NBA Spalding On-Court Game Balls costing $170 USD, the Just Don seems more like a useless extravagance as a basketball and more like a basketball shaped art that will only be displayed at home.

Extravagance aside, if you have a couple of grands burning a hole in your pocket and want to show off your undying love for basketball, no one will stop you. Maybe you should get three; one for indoor use, one for outdoor, and another to display.