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Instrmnt Catch Tray

Keep Organized In Style With The Instrmnt Catch Tray

This catch-all tray reflects the brand’s modern and minimal approach to design.

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$ 45

Having the right valet tray or organizer by the front door can help to keep track of key EDC that everyone needs to tackle the day. The Instrmnt Catch Tray will serve just this purpose. From the industrial design studio of I-AD., a company that builds functional, timeless goods using high-quality Swiss and German components, comes this functional catch tray. The Glasgow-based brand makes a variety of items, from watches and umbrellas to furnishings and clocks. The Instrmnt Catch Tray has a minimalist design and is cast from smooth off-white Jesmonite, a lightweight, eco-friendly alternative to fiberglass, and has two separate impressions. The tray, which looks like a smart work of art, will hold keys, watches, and other personal items making it easy to keep track of these important everyday items.

I-AD. also offers two optional add-on accessories to go with the catch tray. They include a stationary pot, which can hold up to eight writing implements or doubles as a bud vase for a pop of colorful flowers. Also offered is a candle holder, which can hold either a 22mm diameter candle or, on the reverse side, a 40mm tea light. The Instrmnt Catch Tray by I-AD. will begin shipping on December 1st.

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