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Dango EDC Tray

Organize Your EDC With This Solid Aluminum Tray From Dango

The 2 lb tray has 7.7-inch, 7.3-inch, 4.8-inch, and 2.5-inch compartments for everything from your wallet to your smartphone.

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$ 129

Chances are you’ve got any number of everyday essentials floating around inside your pockets, in your backpack, or at your bedside table. Those likely include your wallet, your smartphone, your headphones, keys, utility tool, some spare change, and whatever else you accumulate through the course of the day. Consolidate it all in a space that is designed to keep things organized so they’re easy to find at a moment’s notice, whether you need to run out the door or make sure you don’t forget to place them somewhere safe once you get back home so they stay taken care of.

That’s the gist of the Dango EDC Tray, a grooved slice of machined CNC solid aluminum that offers 4 handy-dandy areas to hold a variety of different-sized items. The 2 lb 11-inch by 8.4-inch tray provides separate 7.7-inch, 7.3-inch, 4.8-inch, and 2.5-inch compartments designed to keep things neatly organized. Stabilized with an anti-slip rubber footing and equipped with strategic stands for tablets and phones, this is a classy — and practical— solution to keep those must-haves and accessories of yours under control and in one easy-to-remember spot.