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iMicro Q2

The iMicro Q2 Is A Portable Microscope That Fits Easily In Your Pocket

This portable fingertip microscope is compatible with any smartphone.

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$ 30+

The iMicro Q2 brings the power, clarity and magnification power of a desktop microscope to your smartphone. This portable device fits in a pocket and provides exceptional optical performance. It’s the company’s third fingertip microscope in as many years and builds on its predecessors’ design and functionality.

Compatible with any smartphone, the iMicro Q2 features magnification power up to 800x, very low distortion and resolution power down to 1 micron. The device is tiny – about 1/60th of an ounce and 1/8 of an inch thin – and packed onto a case that fits easily in a wallet. Simply attach the reusable nano-suction pad to a smartphone’s camera and you’ll be ready to explore the world around you in extraordinary detail. There are no buttons or knobs on the iMicro Q2. It generates images using optical magnification onto the smartphone camera sensor which sends images to the camera screen where digital zoom can be used to further magnify the image. The iMicro Q2 is a Kickstarter project, with delivery anticipated in March 2021.