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HYDAWAY Collapsible Water Bottle

Stay hydrated on the go. Collapsible water bottle that fits into your life.

We always strive to do our part for the environment, one of which is by carrying our own water bottle. Bottled water can be a real problem for the environment, as we throw away approximately 29 billion water bottles a year; considering that it takes 1000 years for these bottles to biodegrade and with more than 80% of plastic bottles not getting recycled, carrying your own water bottle is a small thing you could do for the environment that can have a big impact.

The HYDAWAY is a collapsible water bottle that packs down easily to fit in backpacks, lunch boxes, picnic baskets, or pretty much anywhere when not filled with water. It eliminates the small annoyance of carrying your own water bottle, which has been lugging around an empty bottle. When fully extended, it carries 12oz or 21oz of water, while the removable cap makes it easy to fill up and clean inside. Other features include a flip-up straw for quick sips and a carabiner-friendly carry handle. So throw it in your bag or even your pocket and fill up when you need to; it’s one less disposable water bottle that mother nature will have to deal with.