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First Draft Co

First Draft Co. Hard Cover Paper Notebook

Jumpstart your mind with this handsome notebook.

The tactility of working on paper is becoming a lost art today. We take notes on our phones, while we even sketch on our tablets instead of on paper. There are obvious benefits to keeping your ideas on the digital realm, but we’re also losing out on the organic and natural process that fuels creativity. That’s why we always try to keep our notebook handy to sketch out ideas and jot down notes, even though our phone, tablet, or laptop could do the same thing.

The First Draft Co. Hard Cover Paper Notebook is a tactile notebook that feels as good in your hands as the paper feels under your pencil thanks to the thick 70# text stock paper. It even has a braided elastic band that not only keeps your notebook closed but also holds your pencil handy for when your need it. Available in sand, navy, and brick, it’s a handsome notebook that will get your creative juices flowing as you experience the tactile sensation of your pencil gliding over the surface of the paper.