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Apple MacBook Pro

Apple MacBook Pro

The 2019 MacBook Pro laptops feature processor upgrades that make them the fastest pro laptops available today.

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A surprise drop from Apple (that might be exciting for some and anticlimactic to others), the new 2019 MacBook Pro laptops feature slight processor upgrades and a quieter butterfly keyboard. The 15-inch MacBook Pro will now have 6- or 8-core Intel processors, while the 13-inch version gets the 4-core. Everything else (including OS, storage, battery life, display, and external ports) remains exactly the same as the 2018 versions.

While octa-core doesn’t always mean twice as fast as quad-core, the difference will certainly show when performing memory-heavy tasks like 3D modelling or video editing. For everyday tasks, not so much (as the extra cores are there for reserve in case of heavier tasks). So, if you already have the 2018 MacBook Pro, there’s little reason to upgrade, unless you absolutely need the fastest pro laptop available today.