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Lenovo Rolling Laptop Concept

Lenovo’s Rolling Laptop Concept Is A Look At The Future

Lenovo isn’t ready to reveal a release date as it’s still ironing out the various quirks that need solving.

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PC-maker Lenovo has been among the world’s favorites, ever since their 2005 purchase of IBM’s personal computer brands ThinkPad and ThinkCentre. From their premier line’s sleek black looks and powerful hardware, Lenovo has ventured from power users into other parts of the PC market, including the first-ever 360-degree laptop, the Lenovo Yoga series. At Lenovo Tech World 2022, Lenovo showed us the next advance in laptops: Rolling OLEDs.

The next frontier for flexible OLED technology is the rolling screen. Lenovo’s prototype is a cool and unassuming grey device. It looks like any other thin-form laptop. The magic happens with the flick of a switch, rolling out to a full, breathtaking 15.3-inch display in an 8:9 ratio. The prototype had some flaws in its first roll-out. Its fully-extended screen showed some visible creases, which Lenovo will fix before a final version goes on sale. It looks very tall, and the demo left some unsure whether the screen could stop at any height.

When it’s released, the rolling screen laptop will be perfect for professionals and creatives alike for its tall-screen ratio, and the compact form factor will make it easy to carry. The rolled-up screen will complement the roll-out phone that Motorola debuted at the same show. Although the Lenovo prototype showed off an LG screen, Samsung is working on a similar prototype. If you love tall screen working setups, watch out for rolling screen laptops on the high end of the market. Though they might not be coming soon, they’re coming!

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