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Villiers & Jackson Mechanical Pencil

Villiers & Jackson Mechanical Pencil

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The colorfully plastic BIC mechanical pencils might have been enough for elementary school but they are not the most appropriate writing tools to follow you to adulthood. At the other end of the spectrum is the Villiers & Jackson Mechanical Pencil that was made in 1956. Exclusively available at Mr. Porter, the one-off sterling silver mechanical pencil resembles an industrial nail, with exquisite details such as the waffle patterned nailhead and lines on the body.

Sourced by Foundwell Vintage, seller of vintage luxury goods, this unique item is not cheap, coming in at a whopping $785. Quite a bit more expensive than your average pencil, there is nothing this mechanical pencil can out do that your trusty number 2 pencil can’t, but there is something alluring about such a unique writing instrument.

If you have close to $800 burning a hole in your pocket and are in need of a thoroughly unique and exclusive mechanical pencil, click here to take a look at this magnificently old school writing instrument.