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Hendrick’s Gaming Chaise

Not Your Normal Gaming Chair: Presenting Hendrick’s Gaming Chaise

“The Gaming Chaise is for those moments when one chooses to lean back and sip the nuances of life in all its glory.”

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$ 3,988

William Grant & Sons produces Hendrick’s Gin at the Girvan distillery located in Scotland. But this is not about the brand’s gin. Rather, it concerns the one-of-a-kind Hendrick’s Gaming Chaise. We’re talking old-fashioned gaming here, as in board games, card games, and chess. Hendrick’s commissioned the classically styled chaise lounge in response to the video gaming boom of the past 18 months. Hendrick’s Sarah Berardi, UK brand ambassador, explains: “As people scramble to get their hands on the most wanted Christmas gifts this year, in the face of seasonal supply and demand challenges, our wonderfully absurd Gaming Chaise offers some light longue relief.”

The seven-foot-long handmade chaise, designed by Hendrick’s Department of Not-So Convenient Technology and Pickett Furniture and Design, is styled in tufted green velvet and copper accents – a nod to the copper still types used in the creation of Hendrick’s Gin. The chaise also boasts retractable arms that can hold playing cards to keep your hands free, and secret compartments for storing the included Victorian-era board games, chessboard, and Hendrick’s playing cards. The gaming chaise even includes a fold-out table and an antique croupier stick. But that’s not all. It also features an additional fold-out table that serves as a drinks preparation area, along with all the paraphernalia needed to create the perfect cocktail – a shaker, strainer, muddler, stirrer, and more. One might expect that a bottle of Hendrick’s Gin would be thrown into this mix, but sadly, it’s not. The Hendrick’s Gaming Chaise, or as the brand describes it, “the world’s first gaming chair engineered for unplugged play,” will be produced in limited quantities.

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