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Halley Helmet Rack

To end all bike helmet storage issues.

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It deals with your sweat, your abuse, and the city dust practically every day. So it just makes sense to give your bike helmet a dedicated, comfortable place to relax and air out after a hard day of protecting your brain cells.

The Halley Helmet Rack is the minimalist’s ideal solution for bike helmet storage issues. By keeping it off your surfaces, it keeps your place looking impressively organized. Its sleek and sexy aesthetic works seamlessly with your space, reflecting your style and communicating the unmistakable message that you do indeed have a place for everything.

The spherical knob of the rack covers a large surface area and eliminates pressure points, keeping the lining of your helmet smooth and unscathed when it’s not being used, unlike traditional racks with hooks. The black matte coloring of the brace and smooth brushed chrome finish of the sphere keep the look sharp and minimal. The Halley can be used with both open face and full-face helmets, so no matter your preference (or helmet collection), it’s got you covered.