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Casio’s New All-Metal G-SHOCK Watch Is Sleek With An Industrial Modern Vibe

The first fully steel ‘CasiOak’ watches.

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$ 550+

When Casio engineer Kikuo Ibe dropped his pocket watch more than 40 years ago (1981), he probably never dreamed the “watch that never breaks” he designed – the G-SHOCK – would sell more than 100 million units and spur dozens of models in the G-SHOCK line of the “toughest watch of all time.” This week, Casio unveiled the latest in its watch family and it is an industrial modern paragon. The new G-SHOCK GMB2100 is the Japanese electronics manufacturer’s first full-metal addition to the evolving 2100 line. The industrial full-metal analog watch’s octagonal bezel mirrors the original G-SHOCK watch’s shape and design from 1983. It utilizes the octagonal bezel and mirrors the ana-digi dial display of G-SHOCK’s best-selling “CasiOak” series. With modern G-SHOCK stability, buffering components of fine resin are installed between the bezel and case as well as three-pronged case lugs to disperse shock. A dual LED backlight ensures a readable time in dark spaces.

Dual-layer dial construction is employed to present the inset dial and LCD portion with their distinctiveness. The watch uses solar-powered timekeeping and connects to your smartphone to sync precise, accurate time four times a day with the Casio Watches app when traveling between time zones, or manually on-demand. In addition to the gleaming silver (GMB2100D), the watch is also available in all-black (GMB2100BD) and rose gold (GMB2100GD) ion plating and is available to pre-order from Casio starting at $550 with an anticipated release date of August 12, 2022.

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$ 550+
  • Case Material: Silver, Rose Gold, or Black IP Coated
  • Case Dimensions: 49.8 mm × 44.4 mm x 12.8 mm
  • Movement: Module 5691, quartz
  • Water Resistance: 200 meters