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Freewrite Traveler

The Freewrite Traveler Is Built For One Task: Distraction-Free Writing

This lightweight writing tool has a glare-proof e-ink display.

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$ 429

Detroit-based Astrohaus has just launched its Freewrite Traveler, a portable distraction-free writing tool. When inspiration strikes, writers don’t want to fumble with a smartphone, tablet or laptop, having to enter the password before writing can begin. Also, the portable devices people rely on to communicate come packed with distractions, from music, videos, games, and social media clamoring for their attention.

For individuals who just want to write something down while it’s still top of mind, a less cumbersome approach is called for. That’s where the Freewrite Traveler comes in handy. It’s a 1.6-lb. writing tool with a glare-proof e-ink screen. There’s nothing to derail a train of thought, as the device has no email, messages or browser. The full keyboard has 2mm of travel (better than a normal laptop), making it a suitable companion for writers of any stripe. Text documents (up to 1,000,000 pages) are stored in flash memory, with cloud backup via Wi-Fi. So if entering as many words as possible without any distractions is important to you, this may be just the solution.