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A convenient portable photo studio that you can carry around.

The convenience of our smart phone cameras have made everyone into amateur photographers, allowing us to capture our everyday lives with ease. Thanks to Instagram filters, it seems like everyone and their mothers have all begun to explore their artistic side, mostly using their new found passion for photography to take selfies and pictures of food. What unfortunately ruins their pictures though, despite the help of filters, is the less than ideal background for their food and other random things they want to show off.

The Foldio2 is like a mini photo studio on the go, acting as the perfect backdrop for any item that can fit inside it. It’s perfect for taking pictures with your smart phone and can even be used with a DSLR. The built in LED lights can be adjusted with a dimmer, while you can also use the Foldio2’s diffuser for better pictures, or to minimize the impact of any external light source. For easy transport, you can simply fold the Foldio2 to carry with you. Unlike the previous version, the new version’s 15″ size should make it easy to photograph a more diverse range of objects as well.

The Foldio2 will add that extra professional touch to your photographs. Just don’t waste it on taking more pictures of food. And don’t even think about fitting inside it for selfies.