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Fellow Onyx Extractions Sip Set

Explore The Allure And Innovation Of The Fellow Onyx Extractions Sip Set

Onyx Coffee Lab has transformed its exceptional coffees into premium specialty-grade concentrates.

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Coffee aficionados have enjoyed an increasingly broad range of coffee makers and accessories with which to create the perfect brew. Coffee concentrates have opened new avenues for exceptional coffee, refining the essence of high-grade beans and allowing for the perfect cup of coffee to be brewed at home which retain the parent roast’s true flavor profile.

The Onyx Extractions Sip Set from Fellow is a premium coffee extraction using the company’s specialty grade concentrates for a luxury coffee experience by following simple brewing guidance. The set comes with a 12.6 oz bottle of Onyx Coffee Lab’s Southern Weather Extractions and a stylish, minimalist 16 oz Carter Cold Tumbler available in matte white, black, and gray, as well as mint chip and stone blue.

Derived from a foundational blend that marries Ethiopian and Colombian coffees noted for their juicy and bright flavors, the Onyx Extractions Sip Set reflects Fellow’s dedication to discovering new and unique blends for their coffee concentrates. Ready to use out of the box, this extraction delivers outstanding coffee after diluting with hot or iced water or used as an espresso substitute for lattes or in cocktails.

Each bottle will make between six and twelve cups depending on how it is used, with the included sippable tumbler the perfect accompaniment for those who like to enjoy their coffees on the go. It’s another fine addition to Fellow’s expanding range of coffee extracts and beautifully designed accessories for the more discerning coffee lover.

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