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FEIT Indoor Slipper

FEIT Unveils Its Buttery Soft Indoor Slipper

The anatomically designed slipper is cut from a single piece of ultra soft vegetable tanned calfskin.

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FEIT has brought the best of the outdoors in with the FEIT Indoor Slipper. Each slipper is constructed with a single swath of calfskin, eliminating the need for unsightly stitching. The smooth, unmarred surface is polished to a high sheen, making these one of the most beautiful indoor slippers on the market. The design of the slipper is not only aesthetic but functional. A completely open heel allows the wearer to simply slip into the slipper without having to bend over to fit anything over the heel. The FEIT Indoor Slipper is eco-friendly in terms of dye. Rather than subverting the natural hues of the calf-skin, FEIT opted to color the skin with a vegetable-based tanning solution, imbuing the slippers with a deep, multi-layered tone that is natural-looking, yet chic and sophisticated.

Inside, wearers will appreciate the well-padded insole that cradles and cushions the feet and anatomically adjusts to micro-differences according to the wearer. Unlike some other slippers, these are made with non-slip suede on the bottoms, which not only serve to protect but result in nearly soundless walking that is pleasant to the ears. The FEIT Indoor Slipper is made to last. With minimal care, these can last for decades and will likely only improve in looks and comfort with the passage of time.

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